32 comments on “Request
  1. Tiffany Tran says:

    I want to request the song “Shadow” by Austin Mahone 🙂

  2. vivian says:

    please please make chords for Move by Little Mix, I’m playing it for a wedding soon thank you so so much:)

  3. Sanne says:

    I want to request the song ”If it means a lot to you” by A Day To Remember

    • ChordsTV says:

      Hi Sanne, please request on the request box at the left side and vote your song to the top thank you 🙂

  4. Maria says:

    “Mine” and “Jealous” by Beyonce. (On your other site, you had the whole album. Please bring it here! 🙂

  5. lallaine g. lasprillas says:

    Can you please post the lyrics and chords of coming up roses by keira knightley. Thanks and more power to you!

  6. Adan says:

    are you going to put the other songs that you had in the other page??

    and you rock this is awesome..

  7. Sree says:

    Hey 🙂 Best and easy chords.I’m a really big fan of Sam Smith Songs. could you please figure out the chords for the songs lay me down and leave your lover. Cheers

    • ChordsTV says:

      Thanks Sree, your lay me down request was added to the poll you can request or vote once a day:)

  8. Taylor says:

    “Money Power Glory” by: Lana Del Rey

  9. Taylor says:

    “Love & War” by: Tamar Braxton

  10. Elizabeth says:

    Would you please add Boondocks by Little Big Town and A Daydream Away by All Time Low? (ik two totally different genres)

  11. Ruby says:

    I would like to request ‘Lay Down’ by Ella Henderson.

  12. Maia says:

    Hi, can you add a few bad suns songs like Salt, Transpose, learn to trust, dancing on quicksand or take my love and run? Thank youu

  13. Magicmeredith says:

    please please do Somewhere In Neverland by All Time Low! this is like the most useful site for chords and strumming patterns, man D:

  14. Meredith says:

    All My Heart – Sleeping With Sirens?

  15. Lil says:

    hey, love your site! it’s been helping me a lot 🙂 can you please put up the chords for Clean by Taylor Swift? (from the 1989 album) thank you!!

  16. Hey! I’ve been looking for how to play ‘Like I Can’ by Sam Smith. Could you please put up that song? It would be so cool! Thank you for this site btw! seriously am adoring it.